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Avoidance of waste is the fundamental goal of Lean's Integrated Production Systems. This design principle aims to eliminate all non-value-added activities within the production system.

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Lean Ergonomics :

Lean Integration and Ergonomics to Lean Ergonomics has tremendous potential for businesses that have a positive impact on productivity, competitiveness and people.

Manufacturing processes have undergone massive changes and accelerations over the last two decades.

The pressure on production, employees and companies is growing. "Just-in-time" or "on-demand" are popular concepts.

The presence of lean production processes does not automatically imply the presence of ergonomic working environments.

In many cases, this acceleration leads to an overload of human labor.

In the end, this means that cycled cycles are not necessarily economic work processes, because they often involve lost work, capacity bottlenecks and additional costs.

Ergonomie: In the human-friendly design of the work, the ergonomic evaluation criteria are e.g. Executability, portability, reasonableness, satisfaction and personality development

The basic idea is the adaptation of the work to the characteristics and abilities of the human being through the design of:

ergonomically designed work equipment (machines, tools, hardware, software, ...)
ergonomically designed work environment (lighting, hazardous materials, climate , Noise, radiation, vibration, ...)
Ergonomically designed workplace, work space (movement room, gripping rooms, room dimensions, chairs, tables, ...)
Load-oriented design of the work organization (working time, quantity, sequence, job change (job rotation) .... etc .......




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