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The thinking principles, methods and procedures for the efficient design of the entire value chain of industrial goods have become indispensable in all production areas and work systems nowadays

Lean Production


The competition compels all companies to economically interpret the processes and to avoid wastage in any form.
The avoidance of waste is the fundamental goal of Lean's Integrated Production Systems.
This design principle aims to eliminate all non-value-added activities within the production system.
The methods of lean production systems can only result in sustainable success if the overall system is aligned with a consistent focus on customer benefit.
For the holistic orientation of a production system, the term holistic production systems (GPS) has prevailed in German-speaking countries.
Holistic production systems provide for a company-specific alignment of the production system using lean methods of lean production.
Overall, a distinction is made between eight design principles of holistic production systems.

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Slim - without wastage - this is e.g. by

avoiding overproduction
of underutilized capacities
long cycle times
of defective products
poor productivity
of redundant stocks.

the aim is to improve product quality by introducing regular controls,
avoiding rejects in production,
increasing flexibility by introducing flexible production systems and using temporary capacities, and much more.
This is implemented with the Lean methods, here shown the production leveling ......



We are experienced experts, in the product development according to customer specifications, the interpretation of the value chain, the definition of feasible processes up to the ADVANCED MANUFACTORING ENGINEERING of the conception, the structure and the putting into operation of production lines up to the series release.


As Refa technicians we gladly support you in the implementation of ...

lean structures, processes, lean management and the interpretation of economic production.



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