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Business consultancies today exist in very complex disciplines, e.g. the truck consulting, the insurance broker area, the real estate area and partly in the tax consultancy.

Our scope of consulting:

In more than 25 years of experience in the automotive sector, we have specialized in the PRODUCTION and PROCESS DEVELOPMENT and OPTIMIZATION from OEM to 3rd supplier - including

- Design of production sites
- Analysis of the necessary operations, structuring, production and process flows, process technologies up to to the logistics concepts
- location analyzes regarding: - existing process problems, - value chains, - reject rates, - cycle time analysis, - lean processes ....
- Refa analyzes, MTM considerations ....
- Benchmark analyzes, competitor analyzes, profitability and profitability analyzes show to what extent an improvement potential makes sense is.

The goal is to reorient and restructure the company to be more cost-effective and to regain and hedge its market share and competitiveness.

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