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    Process Development
Process Optimization, CIP, Increased Efficiency
Process Relocation, LEAN PRODUCTION

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AMU GmbH has specialized in increasing the efficiency of production processes right from the start. The goal is lean production and lean production.

TQM, Lean-Mangement and Kaizen are closely interwoven approaches that achieve the best possible value creation, especially through the combination of different tools.

Six Sigma recommends that you have a specialist in this field who has a qualification at various levels, such as Yellow, Green, Black, Master Black Belt.

We will gladly advise you and assist you in implementing the process optimization method.

Practice Areas:

Interim Management
Development Vehicle Construction PEP
Project Management
Supplier Development
Risk Management
Process Optimization
Process Relocation
Change Management
HR Management

Technical areas:

Vehicle construction PEP and process technology

Medical technology

Plastics technology

HW and SW Technology

Mechanical engineering

Special machine construction

Systems -materials handling

Electrical engineering

Precision engineering

Stamping - forming technology

Lean management

Kanban technology

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