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Factory Planning - IFP Integrated factory planning

From the strategically operation decision and the future order and capacity volumes new locations originate in locations suitable structurally and in the longer term economically.

In the upcoming complicated duties we support in the conversion and solution of the planning duties and organisation duties up to the creation of the manufacturing draughts, 

functional value streams and technically feasible processes.

Our services:


Site planning
Planning of new locations
Expansion of existing production sites
Modernization and / or relocation of existing production sites.
Material flow based site planning and plant structure planning
Restructuring and rationalization of existing production sites
Determination of space requirements and of value stream analyzes, logistics requirements, etc.
up to the planning of process-based core competences in companies
Planning and conceptual design of logistics routes by means of plant and conveyor techniques,
materials handling techniques, etc.
TGA = planning, execution, optimization of the supply engineering for industrial and commercial buildings
Organization and planning of the trades, documentation of all important key data and
decision criteria and decisions in the factory interpretation of decisions on architecture, TGA planning,
value stream analyzes, technical details for the plants and processes, cost developments, aso.
Regular reports of the Contents and progress
Involvement of the management in central decision criteria and the summary of all necessary information
and decision criteria .....

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