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The employer is looking for the most qualified specialist possible ...
... the employee is looking for the most lucrative job.

We support professionals and executives with a long-term career perspective and career opportunity.

We ensure that our clients get in touch with the right candidates as quickly as possible and are happy to assist applicants with their advice, right through to the new employment contract.

Our market knowledge, our network of contacts as well as the research on the hidden job market give you the decisive edge.

Our appearance is a program. Together with you, we align all activities to your new position. We look after you at eye level.

With our professional back office we create together with you "correct" application documents, which open the right doors for you.

All free for applicants:

we customize your profile, position you professionally with companies and support you in your marketing.

We work with you as a team:

As a career consultant we accompany you through the entire process, ask you the right questions and prepare you for the interview with the customer in the best possible way

We implement your professional milestones in text and image.

Our recruiting specialist supports you with comprehensive industry know-how and job offers.

As an expert, we advise you competently, which compensation package is market-oriented and what negotiating room you have.

Last but not least .. everything anonymous ie. 100% applicant protection through an anonymous qualification profile, which we create for you free of charge, you decide - when - your application documents go to the possibly new employer !!!

Your current employment relationship remains unaffected - if necessary, however, you decide whether a request to the company.

Find out more about us under the new Data Protection Act ..... The goal is your professional advancement ..... If you are interested in our services, we look forward to your inquiry-


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