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The approach of consulting in this area is to analyze the processes - process lines for profitability

and to offer you an amortization and profitability calculation,  also on a benchmark basis and in terms of adaptation to the most modern processes.



We are experienced experts, in the product development according to customer specifications,
the interpretation of the value chain, the definition of feasible processes up to the ADVANCED MANUFACTORING ENGINEERING of the conception,
the structure and the putting into operation of production lines up to the series release.

We support  Industrie 4.0

Industrial Networking - The Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communication and manufacturing facilities that are becoming ever more intelligent are heralding a new era - the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0..

The possibilities include, for example:


Flexible production:

There are many companies involved in the manufacture of a product who contribute step by step to the creation of a product. Digitally networked, these steps can be better coordinated and the utilization of the machines better planned.


Convertible factory: 

Production lines will be built in modules in the future. They can be quickly assembled for a task. Productivity and efficiency are improved, individualized products can be produced in small quantities at affordable prices.

Customer-based solutions:

Consumer and producer move closer together. The customers themselves can design products according to their wishes - for example, elements of sneakers themselves can be designed and adapted to the individual foot shape. At the same time, smart products that are already delivered and in use can send data to the producer. With the usage data, the producer can improve his products and offer the customer novel services.

Optimized logistics:

Algorithms calculate ideal delivery routes, machines automatically report when they need new material - the smart networking enables an optimal flow of goods.

Use of data:

Data on the course of production and the condition of a product are combined and evaluated. Data analysis provides guidance on how to make a product more efficiently. More importantly, it's the foundation for completely new business models and services. For example, lift manufacturers can offer their customers "predictive maintenance": elevators are equipped with sensors that continuously send data about their condition. Wear can be detected and corrected before it leads to the failure of the elevator.

Resource-efficient circular economy:

Products are considered data-driven over their entire lifecycle. Even in the design, it is determined in which form the materials can be recycled


We specialize in a variety of processes and production interpretations.


We are happy to assist you in the implementation 

.... new lean structures and processes, in lean management and the design of an economic production in connection with Industrie4.0 ..



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