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Restrukturieurng  - Den Change gestaltem und erfolgreich  umsetzen

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Managing the crisis - increasing operational efficiency

How economical is the company, where are the operating figures? Many managers face a double challenge: on the one hand, they need to make their business as efficient and profitable as possible. On the other hand, they should act in such a way that their companies remain competitive in the long term and can also take advantage of future opportunities. But what is the value behind the core competencies and products of the company in the benchmark and how economic and effective are the processes and what are the potentials in their value enhancement?

Restrukturierung und Turnaround

Restrukturierung und Turnaround


First, ask yourself the following questions:

What are the causes of the crisis, and what options are there for the company to overcome them?

What measures are needed to stabilize and manage the crisis?

What operational hedges does the company have?

How economical is the company?

Do sufficient restructuring potentials exist to reorganize the company and reorient it on the market?

How economical is your business?

Evaluate the Company Key Figures and Evaluate the Balance Sheet Key Figures Business Analysis Methods for the Company:

Cash Flow Analysis

Key Performance Indicators Profitability

Analysis Profitability by Ebit Calculation

Analysis of the Operating Results of the Core Business

Analysis of the Productivity of the Processes

What market opportunities do your core competencies have?

Benchmark analyzes show us the value of the operational performance of the core business.

Analysis of the value chain and the productivity of the processes shows how economically the company works.

 The profound understanding of your business model and your market and competitive environment are just as natural for us as the contribution of our project and process experiences as well as our methods and analysis tools in so far as:

we collect the Success factors for your business in a market and competitive comparison, put the current strategy to the test and help you to develop options for dealing with the crisis situation.

we advise you on the development of a target image for the operational business model and point out measures to increase sales and efficiency.

we analyze the performance gaps and, if necessary, optimize the value chain and productivity, monitor the progress of the measures introduced with a precise controlling and reporting system and assist in communicating with the lenders

we analyze the crisis situation and creating strategies for short-term liquidity and liability risks to enable.

 Increasing productivity and operating results

Years of process experience help us analyze the performance of your production chains. In order to achieve a sustainable increase in productivity, our consultants do not look at the performance of individual factors in isolation, but instead analyze their interplay with our systemic approach. This is how we create the basis for improvement measures that significantly increase the added value of your production plant. In order to achieve best-of-best solutions, we tailor our approach to increasing productivity to the needs of your local business. The goal is to increase productivity to the economically feasible maximum to gain a clear lead in the benchmark.

Our common goal could be e.g. thus:

reorientation of the corporate and organizational objectives for the operative business model including the measures to achieve the increase in sales and efficiency and to achieve a modern and long-term competitive value chain to strengthen the market position

preparation of the turnaround and restructuring plan

show the available liquidity and liabilities

show Long-term financial potential from more economical processes and the increase of the operating result and the productivity derived from the restructuring targets

Demonstration of a schedule for implementing and realizing the turnaround

Concept for securing a sustainable capital structure

Concept of a controlling and reporting system for monitoring the change process

Support in the Communication with stakeholders and investors

Documentation, support and support through the entire change process



If  you have any further questions, we would be pleased to provide you with a comprehensive, process-technically oriented briefing.

Email:   Andreas.Maier@AMU.Engineering

Mobile:  +49 15146461758

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